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    The Gearhart Hotel
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    'The Gearhart Hotel' musical is a play with 2 acts, including 16 original songs, a live orchestra with accompanying historical photos projected in concert with the music. It is a fun-filled evening that will touch your heart with the story of the characters and events of the magical hotel and the innocent love of the past. Come with us to a summer-long ago and let the melodies unlock your own memories. Makes a GREAT Christmas gift.

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    Updated On: Oct 31, 2018


    Riding Tsunamis is the exciting and powerful story of Mike Herron and his wife Marsha as they have caught the waves of God’s opportunities throughout their lifetime. Raised in a small Oregon coastal community on his parent’s golf course, the chapters chronicle Mike’s journey through a colorful childhood, into his troubled young life and to his dramatic encounter of faith in a Black-Charismatic Church. You’ll laugh at the humorous and poignant story of Sister Brazil at the piano saying ‘there’s a boy here that needs to get saved…’ the dramatic encounter with a ranking officer of the army that changed the course of his life. Shipwrecks, rock and roll bands, surfing, preaching, playing music, traveling to the nations of the world and amazing events and people that have had international impact are all a part of Mike’s ‘ride of a lifetime!’  



    The Great Worship Psalms are 25 of the most outstanding Psalms that emphasize the subject of Praise and Worship. They are taken from Mike's commentary on the book of Psalms called "Heart of a Psalmist". It will be very to those interested in understanding the richness of a personal relationship with God through singing, playing of instruments and the physical expression of praise. A great tool for worship teams, Bible schools, seminaries, churches etc, Everyone studying the subject of worship will find this book a rich resource for both study and practice. 



    This devotional commentary on each Psalm was written for those who desire to deepen their relationship with Christ through an understanding of the grandest book in the Scriptures. The author presents the Psalms in a way that makes the Hebrew writings relevant to a modern audience. The book emphasizes accurate information; Christ centered interpretation, relevant insights into New Testament faith and personal inspiration to help the reader develop a "Heart of Psalmist"! Available in Electronic Download format.    



    This book is about music, its creation, purpose and was written to reach a wide audience of those who seek to understand the place of worship and music in their lives. It will be helpful to worship leaders, students of the Scriptures, musicians and those seeking to understand Christ and the Bible. Available in Spanish & Portuguese. 


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